corde guitare classique HANNABACH 500 MT haute tension


The latest development from Hannabach

High-precision treble strings, crystal clear and smooth

Nylon multi-filament bass strings wound with silver-plated copper wire

B string and bass strings marked for easy identification

Available in 2 tensions::

500MT Medium Tension (black stripe ) 

500HT High Tension (blue stripe)


New packaging concept

Ecological material, durable, moisture-resistant and repellent

Airtight sealed with zipper, resealable

Space-saving and reasonably priced

"Euro" eyelet for easy hanging

No single string Service

HANNABACH 500: Made in Germany

Disponibilité : Sur commande / ou arrivage prévu

9,90€ TTC

  • État du produit : Neuf
  • Fournisseur : GEWA
  • Fabricant : HANNABACH

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